Forklifts and other brands that we use

Our goal is to provide you with reliable equipment at a real value. Of course,every business is different, and therefore has different needs.

Forklift Brands:
Our extensive line of forklift brands means you have your pick of the best-built forklift brands in the industry. We carry new pieces of equipment, including industrial forklifts from:

  • Toyota Forklifts
  • Komatsu Forklifts
  • Doosan Forklifts
  • TCM Forklifts
  • Uni-carriers

Toyota Forklifts
Toyota Forklifts is not only a leader in the forklift industry, but a great place to work. We are continually seeking out individuals who are talented, motivated and fit our corporate culture of professionalism, friendliness and dedication. We hire for attitude and aptitude. Customer service is our No.1 priority and we apply a structured approach to optimize our services.

Komatsu Forklifts
Komatsu is a world’s second largest manufacturer of construction equipment. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with quality equipment and support so our business runs smoothly.

Doosan Forklifts
Our goal is to build relationships, not a customer list. We strive to serve our customers in a professional manner from the very first communication. We strive to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of our lift truck.

TCM Forklifts
We provide repair refurbishment and complete overhauling services for all kind of equipment by our technical experts in engine, transmission, hydraulics, mechanical & electrical repairs.

UniCarriers is one of the world’s leading providers of high performance material handling equipment.

Mobile Crane:

  • We are providing one of the leading and competitive mobile crane, latest model 2018.
  • Our continued success is a direct result of solid product knowledge, consistent equipment maintenance and great customer care. We ensure that all of our equipment will thoroughly inspire.
  • Fast service to the job site
  • Knowledgeable efficient customer service.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Appropriate personal protective equipment will be issued free of charge to employees. These would include:

  • Hard Hats.
  • Safety shoes.
  • Safety gloves (rigger type)
  • Overalls or dustcoat.
  • Any other equipment associated with the specific hazard.

Employees issued with appropriate personal protective equipment will wear and maintain their equipment at all times while on site. Client’s PPE policy for visitors to company business site(s) will also apply.