Qadri Transport is providing one of the leading and competitive Mobile Crane, latest model 2018. žOur continued success is a direct result of solid product knowledge, consistent equipment maintenance and great customer care.

Mobile Crane is designed for every industrial application & field: Construction, Transportation and Logistics.

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We ensure that all of our equipment will thoroughly  inspire. žFast service to the job site žKnowledgeable efficient customer service.

Our mission constantly guarantee our customers with the highest level of Safety using our state of the art equipment, our operators are highly skilled with certified and competent while upholding the highest standards of quality, integrity and sustainability. We also stock a large inventory of equipment parts to facilitate a quick fix wherever possible. Our service vehicles are equipped with all on-site required maintenance equipment and fitted with safety systems that make them capable of entry to restricted zones. In addition, our services can be availed at attractive rates.