Our Story why Qadri Transport was started

Qadri Transport is one of the established transport (Specialized in Forklift Rent & Repair) firm in UAE

Mr,Qamar Sultan Qadri, started work at the age of 16 due to the untimely death of his father. Born & brought in Pakistan. Young Qamar was faced with huge challenges of taking care of his family, as a way out of troubles. He thought of looking any kind of job in Dubai. Where his uncle has his business.

However he realized he couldn’t get UAE visa until turn 18 years. Disappointed Qamar began to explore other options in order to survive. Luckily, he got a small job as a Forklift Operator. This field made him looks at other prospects.

So he decided to engage himself in Forklift Rent & Repair business on a small scale with just one unit of a Forklift with his uncle’s support. Gradually Qamar learnt various aspects of the business and he began to grow in a Transport company in 2002. His business was born under the name (Qadri of his last family name) as Qadri Transport.

Behind of our great success is such honesty, integrity, team hard work, well relationship with our clients and even labors, The business was doing well so finally Qadri Transport deserved a full set of heavy Forklifts. Qadri Transport expended massively in UAE market and especially in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Currently we have healthy lots of Heavy Forklifts along with a brand new model mobile crane.

Our current wide range of below

  • Forklifts Rent fleet
  • Forklifts repair (Auto Mobile Workshop)
  • Forklifts Spare parts (Battery, Tires, Filters, Lubricants oil )
  • Forklifts Operator supplier
  • Wooden Pallets manufacturing
  • Wooden boxes manufacturing
  • Wooden crates manufacturing
  • Packing & packaging material trading.

And especially we switched over self in trading & manufacturing as a sister company under name of Qadri Middle East Trading FZCO.