Qadri Transport

Toyota Forklifts:

Toyota Forklifts is not only a leader in the forklift industry, but a great place to work. We are continually seeking out individuals who are talented, motivated and fit our corporate culture of professionalism, friendliness and dedication.  Customer service is our No.1 priority and we apply a structured approach to optimize our services.


Komatsu Forklifts:

Komatsu is a world’s second largest manufacturer of construction equipment. Qadri Transport uniquely positioned to provide you with quality equipment and support so our business runs smoothly.


Doosan Forklifts:

Our goal is to build business relationships, not a customer list. We strive to serve our customers in a professional manner from the very first communication. We strive to ensure the safe and efficient functioning of our Forklifts.


TCM Forklifts:

We provide repair refurbishment and complete overhauling services for all kind of equipment by our technical experts in engine, transmission, hydraulics, mechanical & electrical repairs.


Heli Forklifts:

A perfect combination of innovative features and inventive performance. That’s what these superior electric forklifts provide. We help with choosing the ideal forklift that is suited for your requirements and your budget.